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2020-2021 Educative Master, LUCA school of arts, Brussels
2013-2014  Master Visual Arts, LUCA school of arts, Ghent
2010-2013  Bachelor Visual Arts, LUCA school of arts, Ghent


2024          Assembled Patterns, Re-mento, The Green Corridor, Brussels, BE

2023          A4 a Wall, groupexhibition, VROOM space, Brussels, BE

2023          YELLOW BRICK, artistresidency, Athens, GR

2023          TINA, This Is Not An Ashtray, vitrine, Ghent, BE

2023          OPEN ATELIER, KUNSTWERKT, Brussels, BE

2021          BUY LOCAL#2 zomersalon, KUNSTHAL, Gent, BE

2020         BOLTRA ,groupexhibition, Brussels, BE

2020         Where are the people, oline expo, Brussels, BE
2020         Truly Truly Design Studio’s, Rotterdam, NL

2019          Wassla, LE 18 , Marrakech, RA
2019          Artistresidency , LE18, Flemisch Government, Marrakesh, RA  
2019          Continiuous Constructions, KUNST IN HUIS , Brussels, BE  
2019          Groep expo, Groupexhibition, Perkamentstraat, Ghent, BE
2019          Groupexhibition, CC Zwanenberg, Heist-op-den-berg, BE

2018          3th price Abstract Painting, CCZwanenberg, BE
2018          YUGEN#16, YugenKombucha, Ghent, BE
2018          Naar het schijnt kan je bij jou binnen kijken, Antwerp, BE
2018          Taart in de brievenbus, Sint-Maria Horebeke,BE

2017          A size too short, Rossi Contemporary gallery, Brussels, BE
2017          AL YOU NEED IS A LAVATORY, Ghent, BE
2017          WERF,  Ghent, BE 
2017          HIV ontrafelen, veiling, S.M.A.K, Ghent, BE
2017          Strictly Rabbit, Ghent, BE

2016          De muren hebben ogen, Wieze, BE
2016          Kabinet#2, Ghent, BE  
2016          2nd price PBK ,Harelbeke, BE  
2016          Peinture, dessin, sculpture, Culturel Centrum, Marchin, BE

2015          Teer 51, Astene, Deinze, BE
2015          Fris XII, Ghent, BE
2015          TUMULT #03, CAMPO VICTORIA, Ghent, BE  

2014          Abstract Boven, Quai des Arts, Ghent, BE
2014          EXPO 09, Ghent, BE


I ’ M   W A T E R   B U T   D I F F E R E N T 

collaboration with Lieve Shukrani Simoens


Picture by /          E V E L Y N   V A N O V E R B E K E
Text by /      L I E V E   S H U K R A N I   S I M O E N S

I'm water, but different

In this water I lay down and swim. There’s no direction, as there is no destination. Underneath the surface I learn that water isn’t always wet. That it can fall down on you like a warm summer breeze. Tiny drops on your skin. It comes in many shapes and many colours. In small or big waves. That it flows or comes in a solid form. And sometimes it’s tangible and sometimes you can’t even see it. Pure water is odorless, colourless and tasteless. And underneath the surface, they only have one name for me. I’m human. But on the other side, where water becomes air, they have all kinds of names for me. I’m always someone else. So sometimes I’m like water. I come in many shapes and many colours. In little pieces or a big wave. I could be anything for them. But water doesn’t leave the earth, that’s what makes us different. And I keep on swimming, as my parents learned me to. In their absence and in their presence. My arms and legs in motion. The rest of my body leaning against the pavement. I’m heading towards somewhere. A place that is vague and has yet no meaning. Nor a name. And water will not always be wet. And I will not always be human.